Status Briefing: PSSA’s ongoing efforts to secure 4.9 GHz spectrum for Public Safety: Aired April 24, 2023

The Public Safety Spectrum Alliance (PSSA), a program of the Public Safety Broadband Technology Association (PSBTA), is comprised of industry and public safety leadership from all corners of the country. These leaders have been advocating for and representing the needs of public safety in the fight to preserve critical spectrum. Join us to learn how the PSSA has been working to protect our fellow first responders’ usage – current and future – of the 4.9 GHz Band. The PSSA upholds the goal to create a consistent, nationwide framework for the 4.9 GHz Band that protects incumbents and fosters efficient use of this important mid-band spectrum with a specific emphasis on preserving the integrity and priority of public safety communications within the band, which must remain the primary driver and use of the band.  You will also learn why it is vital for all members of the public safety community to use their voices to protect 4.9.