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Dedicated to Advancing FirstNet, the Nationwide Public Safety Broadband Network for Public Safety Professionals through Advocacy, Outreach, Education, and Leadership

Our Mission

The Public Safety Broadband Technology Association’s mission will be to empower the first responder community by providing them with the tools and resources necessary to participate in the overall success of the network. This includes training a new generation of public safety professionals on the fundamentals of the network by providing access and a platform to trade ideas, best practices and lessons learned that will lead to smarter and more effective public safety departments.

Our Focus

The Public Safety Broadband Technology Association is an organization focused exclusively on ensuring the success of the entire FirstNet ecosystem that includes the legal entity created by Congress, the network infrastructure, hardware and software, and the single most important component – the end users.

The success of the D Block allocation and FirstNet is the product of unity and collaboration by congress, federal and state agencies, associations, Public Safety associates, the private sector and thousands of first responders. In keeping with that coalition of unity the Public Safety Broadband Technology Association will continue building upon those (their) success of bringing people together.

The Public Safety Broadband Technology Association will engage in a number of activities to include educational events, committees, research, advocacy and other activities as the Board of Directors deems appropriate in support of its membership.

“FirstNet will succeed because the entire public safety community – first responders, academia, industry professionals and other nonprofit associations – are committed to working together toward a shared vision of creating the best possible version of the FirstNet network. ”


"Public Safety Broadband Technology Association is about the people who drive change in the community, which is why all membership categories only offer individual membership."


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